Social Distancing Activities

18 March 2020

Many of us are stuck indoors right now while we practic social distancing in the face of the deadly Coronavirus. Schools have been closed. Fun activities for kids are postponed. More parents are working from home. No playdates. Museums and zoos are largely closed. It's frowned upon to leave your house to go anywhere.

I've been working on an ativity book which should be published by Summer 2020. It will contain word searches, word jumbles, sudoku, and fill-in-the-blank stories. But, since dire circumstances call for dire measures, I thought I'd give everyone access to a couple pages early.

Play alone or with friends via social media. Tag us on Instagram (@wyomingwaterwheel) or Facebook (Waterwheel Gifts and Books) so we can play along too! And don't forget to use #TheWaterwheel so we can repost your photo! Who knows...maybe we'll have a special reward for people who finish. A drawing? A coupon? Wait and see...!

Beautiful Wyoming: A Fill-in-the-Blank Story

This story has words missing. It't up to you to put them in. The game is way more fun if you don't read the story first and simply pick random words based on the prompts. This is a great way to learn grammar: your nouns from your verbs from your adjectives.

Mountain Ranges of Wyoming Word Seach

You may know all of the mountain ranges in Wyoming, but do you think you can find them in this Word Search? Warning: this one is pretty advanced. Words can be in any direction.