Reopening today!

April 16, 2019

Today is the long awaited (by us, anyway) grand reopening of Waterwheel Gifts and Books. Or, The Waterwheel as I sometimes lovingly refer to the store. We've been waiting for this day since we purchased it from the lovely Kay back in January. Even though the store is under new ownership, you'll still find the same charm which has always existed. We bought the store because we loved it, not because we wanted to change it.

What have we done then? Well, we've added some fun new products. I already mentioned hay straws in a previous post. But, did I mention Wyoming Whiskey products? While we won't be selling the actual whiskey (we'll save the antics of outlaws and bootleggers for the history books), we will be selling other fun goodies like flasks, hats and a WW BBQ sauce. (Drool!)

We also carry knives now. Ok, maybe that is a little outlaw-ish, but don't all Duboisians have a little Butch Cassidy in their souls? These knives won't be your typical [read: boring] ones you can find at any store. No, we're talking a hunting knife with a neon green blade. A magically rainbow pocket knife that looks like something a unicorn would carry. Or, the Femme Fatale with pictures of lipstick and undergarments. They're all just as sharp as the boring ones, but they're way more fun.

Stop by to say hello! We always love a friendly face. And we will be having promotions and sales to welcome everyone back to The Waterwheel.