Dubois Area Map

18 March 2019

We are so lucky to be in the amazing town of Dubois. If you've never been, you need to plan a trip. If you have been, you need to come back. There is so much to do and see in the area, as is shown on this map of the area which was found on the Dubois Chamber of Commerce website. One of the amazing things about Dubois is we are one of the only towns which have a pristine view of Ramshorn Peak (the name sake of the main road through town). South of town is the Three Lakes area. Three lakes are down a hard-to-find beaten path (accessible by car). But, if you find the road and follow it around to the lakes, you will not be disappointed. They are secluded and beautiful.

Union Pass is great year round. With so much federal BLM land on the mountain, it is a true natural playground. In the winter, the area is home to some of the world's best snow-shoeing and snow-mobiling. During the summer, it is a wonderful place to hike and off-road. You'll see more wildlife than you can imagine in the Union Pass area. It's normal to see Moose strolling down the street, or deer looking in the windows of cabins.

If you love history, then you'll want to check out Horse Creek where famed outlaw Butch Cassidy lived for a time in his life. Keep an eye out, because his old shack is still standing! And even if you aren't a True Crime history buff, the drive will take you back through meandering creeks and sky-toucing trees.

My favorite thing about Dubois (ok, there are five thousand things that are all tied for "favorite") is the Badlands. I personally think the name is misleading. The moutains are a vibrant red which stand out year round. They off-set the green grass in the spring and the snow in the winter. Year round, they are spectacular! The depth of the formations allow you to notice different areas and angles every time you look at them. My own home has a view of the badlands and my favorite thing to do is sit out on the porch and day dream in the summer evenings.

No matter what you like, hunting, fishing, loving everyday (anyone catch that Luke Bryan reference?) you'll be sure to experience it all in Waterwheel. And if you need suggestions on things to do or must-see places, stop by the Waterwheel! We're always happy to share our love of Dubois (and all of Wyoming) with anyone who asks!

Dubois map